The Memory Tree is supported by teams of local volunteers in the places where we run Memory Clubs. It is the love and warmth of these people that make our Memory Clubs special.

Most of our volunteers have been helping at a Memory Club for many years now and have built meaningful and enduring friendships with the people with dementia and carers who come to our Memory Clubs.

When living with dementia it makes an enormous difference to know that there are people who care living nearby. The Memory Tree could not run without the love and commitment of the special people named below:

The Memory Tree @ Shipley
Jackie King, Katie Boyce, Ann West and Sam McDaid.
Thank you also to Mary Bavington, Alison Barnard, Carol McNab, Ann Mainman, Miriam & Family, Paul Barratt, Lis Bals, Sarah King, Gina Beall, Bryn Griffiths, Irene Lofthouse, Clare McCrum.

The Memory Tree @ Keighley
Cathy Thornton, Eileen Wells, Chris Hallam, Barbara Wood, Kathryn Higgins, Howard Binns and Vera Plumb.
Thank you also to Christine Robinson, Patricia Cope, Edna Ambler and Sandra Kelly.

The Memory Tree @ Idle
Lesley Healy, Ann Stoodley, Katie Boyce, Jennifer Turner and Pat and Alan Wagstaff.
Thank you also to Revd Tony Taylor, Revd Maggie Rich, Cllr Julie Humphreys, Mary Lister, Chris McDermott, Eric Hocks, Margaret Rice, Peter Wightman, Daren Parr, Miriam and family.

The Memory Tree @ Low Moor
Anne Barraclough, Valerie Robinson, Dorothy Lacey, Elsie Tiffany, Sam McDaid, Judith Boardman, Linda and Mark Harrison.
Thank you also to Christine Walker, Jackie Jagger, Margaret Throp, Kathryn Mitchell, Barbara McCarthy and Revd Richard Oldroyd.

Memory Tree Fundraisers
Thank you to the following people who have made significant contributions to our fundraising activities over the years: Pauline and Adele Benson, Lesley Healy, Pat Smith, Sharon Haigh, Sharon Hodges,  Daina Patterson, Miriam and baby Henry.