Memory Tree – Risk Assessment for Covid-Secure Meetings of the Memory Club

Proposed form of meetings

For the current time we will not be running the two separate groups for carers and people with dementia.

We will run meetings as a social club for the whole group whilst we get confident with new regulations with respect to the virus.

Prior to meetings

Everyone on the register / new referrals will be sent an invitation letter, together with a document explaining the new regulations required for control of the virus.

People will be asked to book for the first meeting. The letter will explain that if they book then it is understood they have read the document and agree to all the terms and conditions.

Thereafter, attendance is assumed unless people let us know they cannot come.

Risk control rules will be repeated and updated at every meeting (see Health and Safety Announcement below)

There will be a register, with full contact details, for every meeting.

Entering the premises

People will be checked off on the register on entry and asked to wash their hands or use hand-sanitizer (depending upon levels of mobility/cognitive ability) before being directed to go down to the hall.

Staff will control the queue to ensure social distancing is observed.

People will be asked to wear facemasks, unless exempted.

We will have disposable facemasks available on entry.

Set Up of the Lounge

We will arrange tables so that social distancing between households is ensured – at least 2 m between any households opposite, at least 1.5 m for those adjacent.

People will be asked to keep their seat throughout the meeting and not mingle inside the buildings

Any table-top resources will be disinfected before and after the session.  

There will be no sharing of any table-top resources between households.

All tables, chairs and anything else we have used or touched will be disinfected before and after the meeting.


We will require that people wear facemasks unless exempted when entering and leaving

When seated and stationary people will be allowed to remove them for brief periods if they are very uncomfortable

Staff/volunteers may use visors instead of facemasks to help with communication.

Health & Safety Announcement

Each meeting will commence with a health & safety announcement reminding people of the key procedures that need to be followed:

  1. They must not attend if:
    1. they have symptoms of the virus
    2. have tested positive or are awaiting a test result
    3. if they are required to self-isolate either because someone in their household has symptoms, or has had symptoms of the virus within the past 14 days, OR because they have been told through Test & Trace / contact tracing
  2. They must let us know if they develop symptoms of the virus or test positive for the virus or become aware of having been in close contact with someone with the virus within the following 7 days
  3. Social distancing is essential at all times
  4. Correct use of face coverings
  5. Regular hand-washing/sanitizing
  6. Coughs and sneezes – ‘Catch It, Bin It, Kill It’ – use crook of elbow – never cough or sneeze onto your hands
  7. Refreshments will be served but people must keep their seats and wait to be served
  8. Toilets are open but are only to be used if necessary – all surfaces must be disinfected immediately after use

Kitchen and refreshments

One volunteer will be assigned to be responsible for preparing hot drinks in the kitchen.  

Only this volunteer will be allowed in the kitchen to prepare the drinks.

This volunteer is responsible for following appropriate personal hygiene procedures (washing hands, using facemask) and for ensuring that any items used and all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned/sanitized afterwards.

2 staff members will come round with hand-sanitizier & a cake basket containing individually wrapped biscuits/cakes which will be stocked in advance so no access to the kitchen is necessary.

All rubbish will be collected afterwards and removed from the premises at the end of the meeting.


Only one person (plus their carer if needed) will be allowed in a toilet area at a time;

Facemasks are to be worn unless exemptions apply;

Surfaces (flush, taps, door etc) must be sanitized immediately after use.

Leaving the premises

People will be asked to leave by the exit nominated to ensure they space themselves out; a staff member will be on duty to say goodbye and intervene if necessary to maintain the one-way system and social distancing;

All tables and chairs and anything else that we have used will be wiped down with disinfectant after the meeting.